How much does it cost to remodel a kitchen?

There are plenty of big decisions to be made when you’re planning a kitchen remodel – what sort of material you want for the countertops, the design of the cabinets, the right appliances and so on – but the biggest factor you have to take into account is the cost. Working out what you can afford initially will determine what you decide for all of these things, and can mean the difference between a brand new kitchen addition or simply refacing a few cabinets for a fresh new look.

Let’s take a look at some of the variables involved in calculating the cost of a kitchen remodel.

Building a brand new addition vs. remodeling your current kitchen

If you decide to build a bigger kitchen you then have to find the extra floor space! Will you repurpose existing floor space in your home or will you build an addition into outside space? If you want to build an addition then you have to factor in extensive building work into the cost of the kitchen remodel. Consider these factors:

  • Will you be knocking down interior walls?
  • Will you have to bump out exterior walls?
  • Will the walls you have to adjust be load-bearing walls?
  • Will you have to build completely new foundations?
  • Will you need new doors and windows?

Plumbing and electrics

As with any new kitchen remodel, you have to consider that drastically altering plumbing and electrical lines will drive up the cost of your remodel. New plumbing, a gas line and entirely new wiring will be quite an effort! Consider the following variables for plumbing and electrics:

  • Will you have a new sink, or even add an extra one?
  • Will you install a dishwasher?
  • Are you going to move the stove and the oven?
  • If you’re adding new appliances to your kitchen, will you need new electrical outlets?
  • Will you install a new lighting system? Will it require new circuits?

Countertops and Cabinets

An easy way to lower the cost of your kitchen remodel is to keep the existing cabinets that you have and simply reface them to give them a new lease of life. Adding a new countertop too will give your kitchen a fresh new look. Even if you choose the simpler remodel option, there are several factors to take into account that will affect the cost:

  • Will you simply sand down and repaint the cabinets you have, or will you reface them with different materials altogether?
  • Will you buy pre-made cabinets made to standard sizes or will you have bespoke cabinets designed specially?
  • Will your cabinets have to be built and installed by specialists? Can you build them yourself and have someone install them?
  • Will you be choosing lower cost materials for your countertops? What about the tile – will it be custom made or store-bought?

Finally, one of the biggest cost factors for a kitchen remodel is whether you can do any of the work yourself to save on labor costs for a contractor. Even if you can do some of the initial demo work and clean-up afterwards, you’ll be able to save yourself some cash.

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