Mobile Apps for Interior Designers

By Dan Fritschen

Apps for Architects

Mobile apps for Architects

What are the best mobile apps for interior designers?

Sales/marketing mobile apps for interior designers 

Getting new clients is the most important part of any company.  With 75% of homeowners making $75k and up using smartphones and 95% using online searches to get design ideas every interior designers NEEDS and app to promote their business and build their brand.  Great news on this front.  The new mobile app for interior designers from Planese is a fantastict tool to attract new clients and to better engage the clients you have. .  The app enables your prospects and clients to search for design ideas from your portfolio AND the entire internet for design ideas and inspiration.  Most importantly only your company information is shown in the app so that customers are not overwhelmed with hundreds of work from different architects.  This exclusivity of the app builds your brands and simplifies the design research process for homeowners.

The mobile app for interior designer  is created exclusively for your firm and because of its usefulness will be shared between homeowners getting you more referral business.

Learn more at

Productivity apps for interior designers

Productivity apps for interior designers are getting better everyday.  Calendars and to do lists from google and remember the milk and similar apps are great tools for architects.  Many material and product suppliers offer apps now that are great tools to select colors and look up specs of products.   The virtual reality apps that create dimensioned drawings from photographs are fantastic design tools as well.

Communication apps for interior designers

This is the original purpose of smartphones and they are great communication tools.  Phone and voicemail are great.  Consider getting a system like google voice that will transcribe voice messages for ease of management.  Standard text systems are great tools as well but managing texts are a bit difficult.  Email systems like google gmail have handy folders and tie in to calendar programs so they are a great tool for architects


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