US Remodeling Sentiment Report

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What is the report?

The Remodeling Sentiment Report data is generated by a sampling of 5,000 homeowners via an online survey. The survey contains approximately 70 questions about homeowners’ satisfaction with their current home and their plans if they remodel their existing home or if they move to a new one. All respondents are interested in making a change in their home either moving or remodeling.

Who creates the report?

The Remodeling Sentiment Report is owned by ABCD Publishing LLC. ABCD Publishing is an online and traditional book publisher.

Websites include:,, and

Book titles include: Remodel or Move? Make the Right Decision, The Attic Remodeling Workbook, The Complete Remodeling Workbook and Organizer, The Bathroom Remodeling Workbook, 101 Ways to Save When You Remodel, The Contract Selection Workbook, and Past Reports.

The Remodeling Sentiment Report was first published in 2005. It currently is published semi-annually: the spring Remodeling Sentiment Report in January and the fall Remodeling Sentiment Report in September.

Report Methodology

The report uses data collected from perspective home remodelers to forecast future trends in home remodeling. Areas of specific interest are the rooms to be remodeled, the types of materials to be used, attitudes about the remodeling process, and the amount of do-it-yourself activities homeowners are planning.

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